Tuesday, 8 May 2018

the meaning behind my new logo/slogan!

hello again!

I'm adding in a sneaky post this week! as some of you may have noticed I have a new logo & slogan

the meaning behind the new slogan :  'youtube in writing' is youtube is becoming more and more popular by the day and blogging is dying out ever so slowly* but realistically my blog is just youtube in writing! I write blogs about the same things youtubers post on youtube! so yes my blog is youtube in writing!

the logo: I'm really happy with my logo at the moment! blue is my favourite colour!

so thats all for the sneaky extra post! do you like my new logo? do you like the slogan? leave your thoughts below!

Sunday, 6 May 2018

my April 2018 & My may goals

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today (I know its a bit late but...yanno better late than never!) 
I am talking about my April and my May goals
I set myself some goals for April so lets see if I completed them!
  • get 17 blog followers ✖️ unfortunately the one goal I had hoped to achieve did not work out! hso my may goal is to rach 17 blog followers! can we do it?
  •  hit 600  followers on twitter ✔️ I hit 600 followers on twitter and then got 10 unfollowers at this current moment in time I have 598 (my social media links are down below!)
  • hit 200 followers on instagram ✔️ about 2 days after I uploaded my april goals I hit 200 followers I am currently at 420
  •  hit 100 page views on one of my blogs ✔️ my blog on things to do when you think summer is here got 111 views! (so far!)
  •  upload another video on YouTube ✔️ I uploaded a video on how to have an amazing Insta theme
  • to start converting my blog to wordpress (more ⬇️ ) ✔️ I'm in the process however I was thinking of buying the domain blogmiablog.com and staying on blogger I am not sure!

My goals for May are
  • to reach 17 blog followers
  • to reach 450 insta followers
  • to reach 620 twitter followers
  • to look into getting my own domain
check back here this time next month to see if I completed them!

My May quote is:

this quote is just so true! and I have to say I love harry potter!

What did I learn in april? what hapened in April?

In my blog life:  my logo got featured in someone elses blog!
I got nominated for the sunshine blogger award! and I set up adsense

In my personal life:
I have started studying for my summer tests! and counting down until the summer holidays!

on a side note I set up ko-fi which is a little website where small bloggers support each other and buy each other ko-fi's (coffees) for 1 euro , feel free to give it a look however if your not interested! thats perfectly ok! skip past this! I'm not even sure about it its very new to me

What are your goals for may? if you have read this far comment 'gloggers are glasses' to confuse everyone haha!


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Thursday, 3 May 2018

I've been featured in bloggers love!

Hey everybody!
I'm just jumping onto my phone and typing this up to tell you I have been featured in blogger love! Blogger love is where you get to meet loads of new bloggers!
It goes up on the 4-5-18
And I hope you will give it a read!
Check it out at ➡️ thisisemsworld.com
Let me know if you have it a read!


Monday, 23 April 2018

the guide lesson 101: things to do when you think the summer has arrived!

Hello everyone!
something has happened the last few days! the sun has began to shine! *GASP* *FALLS OF THE CHAIR* yes its true the sun has began to shine!
so as most of you know I live in Ireland and the Irish are a bit funny about weather... if its sunny its too hot and we are having a drought, if theres a bit of rain theres a flood, when the sun came out it was official the whole nation believed summer was here! (at the time of writing its rainy and overcast)
so I have compiled a guide for you: things you should do when you think summer has arrived
without further ado:

step 1) you see the sun shining you give it a good 10 seconds so you can confirm its summer

step 2) you run upstairs grab your winter coat and through it out the window to offer it up to the summer gods so it will stay sunny! 

step 3) run down to the local shop and buy some fake tan, so you can brag to the neighbours about how you get a tan so easy! and that even though you have pasty AF legs, 
you magically go a horrid shade of orange when the sun comes out 

step 4) when your neighbour raises your eyebrow at you give them a 'hahahah' and insist that your 'oh so natural tan' has appeared and it was so inconvenient as you were going to the national pale legs day tomorrow 

step 4) put on some good short shorts and go around humming the song!

step 5) plaster the kids in factor 50 

step 6) rummage through last years holiday suitcase you haven't unpacked for those sunglasses you paid $200 for and never wore

step 7) run down to the shop for milk because yours has gone sour because of the sun! (and its not at all out of date!)

step 8) think about blowing up the paddling pool after all its 12 degrees!

step 9) complain its getting too hot

step 10) cry noooooooooooo!!!!!!! cooooooooooooome back!!! when the sun goes in

step 11) look for that coat feck the summer gods!

thank you so much for reading I hope you enjoyed I dont really post comedy posts! but if you would like more comment down below!
disclaimer* I did not mean to offend anyone if I did please let me know so I can fix it!

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a shoutout to katie aswell! although she doesn't read my blogs!


Saturday, 14 April 2018

15 facts about me!

hey guys!
today I'm going to tell you 15 facts about myself, I usually get a lot of people ask me questions as I don't talk about myself that much but hopefully all your questions are anwsered here if there is anything else you would like to know about me ask me down in the comments! I love reading them! without further a do lets hop right in!

1. for about a month I told no one that I blogged but after a while I told my family and a few of my closest friends!

2. I am a country girl! I live in the countryside

3. I love food!!! I am hungry 99.9% of the time

4. I want to publish a book for younger children

5. I love watermelon (food again!!)

6.  I don't have any piercings but I want loads

7. I cant spell! I find spelling mistakes in my blogs the whole time!!

8. I love playing with slime

9.  I love reading which leads me on to number 10..

10. I love harry potter!!! with a passion

11. I love makeup (have you noticed?)

12.  I have my blog logo printed out and framed in my room

13. My favourite youtubers are Louise pentland, zoella, brummymummyof2, abi santa and demi donelly

14. people say I have blonde hair, I think its brown

and 15. I love people who follow  all my social media's

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have a nice day!

Thursday, 5 April 2018

April goals & my March 2018

Hello everyone!
I hope we are all good so last month I did a post on how my February 2018 went and I got a great response so i decided I am going to do a monthly sum up at the end of the month, I have put a lot of really really hard work into the post and I hope its my best yet! also if you like my blog dont forget to follow it takes less than 1 minute and means the world to me!

so my goals for march were

  • get 150 twitter followers
  • to set up a blog snapchat
  • to upload a video
  • to get 5 followers

did I complete them?
get 150 twitter followers ✔️
so far I am at 491 twitter followers! its crazy! thats is such a huge step to go from 120 to 491 in 4 weeks! I do hopr to keep on going up!

set up a blog snapchat ✔️
I set up a blog snapchat and you can add me its blogmiablog

upload a video ✔️
I uploaded a video on youtube on my march favourites! my channel is called blogmiablog

get 5 blog followers ✔️
I have 12 so far and it would mean the world to be if you would follow it takes less than 1 minute!

I am so happy that I achived all my march goals!

my goals for April
  • to get 17 blog followers
  • to hit 600  followers on twitter
  • to hit 200 followers on instagram
  • to hit 100 pagewiews on one of my blogs
  • to upload another video on youtube
  • to start convering my blog to wordpress (more ⬇️ )
I realise these goals are huge! and I might not hit them but I am going to try my very very best and I hope you can help me along the way!

my April quote :
this was on my Instagram a while ago and it can not be more true!

my favourite part! 
what happened in March? / what did I learn in March?

In my blog life 
I announced to everyone that I am 13 (14 in 2 months) and a proud teen blogger! ðŸ’ðŸ¼
as I asked on twitter 'what age do you think I am?' I got back 20,26,14,19
so yes I am nearly 14 *gasp*
I was nominated for the sunshine blogger award
I learnt that that Its ok for my personal lfe and blog life to mix
I am also thinking of changing to wordpress but it won't let me have blogmiablog.wordpress.com it will only let me have blogmiablog78578358349t43.wordpress.com which is kind of annoying I dont know why and I would love with all of my heart to go self hosted (I cant even say how much I would love to go self hosted it is my dream) but as a teen I dont have the money (or a credit card) to go self hosted ðŸ¤¦ðŸ¼
I also signed up for adsense but by request has been pending for the last 3 weeks and I dont know why ðŸ¤·ðŸ¼
But I am determend to make my blog a success no matter what! 

In my personal life:
I went to town and had no anxiety about it!!
I learnt its better to have no friends than toxic friends and that everything will fall into place!




I hope this post wasnt too long if you read all the way to here comment 'fizzy bath bombs are bae!'
to confuse everyone else! hehe!

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

beauty faves

hello everyone!
today I'm blogging about all my favourite beauty items
I'm going to dive right in and  start off with my be all and end all mascara
the volume colourist mascara by Rimmel London . The best thing best thing about this mascara is it has some lash tint in it! I mean what more do you want from a mascara

the Barry M mist and fix dewy setting spray is a must have! if you have oily skin they also have a matte version
this is something I will 100% purchase again 

the Primark lovely and bubbly foaming facial wash is actually amazing it makes me want to clean my face I also bought the cleansing sponge with it and I love it so much!
the essence 'make me brow' brow mascara is a great brow gel , it is very pigmented and it also makes filling in your brows easier and makes them look very natural
however the essence brow designer eyebrow pencil works wonders for me! I tend to use both of these together for fuller, long-lasting brows! and they both are under £7  
the Lavera facial gel wash is a must for people with sensitive skin! it has no bad chemicals and is paraben free (paraben is a nasty chemical that can lead to cancer even though this is not 100% scientifically proven so don't throw away all your makeup!)

thats all the beauty products I am loving at the moment! 
I am hopefully going to upload a vlog here on sunday hopefully! if it allows me!
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